About Keke Phoofolo

Keke Phoofolo

Keke Phoofolo is a South African Gospel singer and sensation. He was born in Pimville, Soweto and has conquered his dream of being a gospel singer.

Keke once had zeal to be in the military but his passion for music overtook that aspiration, to which he pursued a career in music. He started with Zoe Gospel Music in 1994 as a backing vocalist, which led him to compete at the Shell Road to Fame competition in Sun City as a soloist in 1997.

Keke put one foot in front of the other in pursuing his ambitions and never limited himself. At one point in 1998 he found a place in the Kwaito industry with a group called Kom-Kom. He later got the opportunity to tour with Benjamin Dube in 1999 before joining the choir group Joyous Celebrations 5 in 2000 as one of the lead singers. Working with the choir and doing lead on Jo Ke Mohlolo-Hlolo presented an opportunity to work with the male group Redeemed.

While scouting the industry and searching for his own niche he got the opportunity to work with various artists, including Bheki Mseleku, Winston Mankunku and Umoja, which led to a call from the Queen of Swaziland to run and produce a live recording of Redemption Choir, which gave him the chance to produce more projects in the neighbouring country. From there on he decided to go solo, which produced his first album and several following.